The Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) Working Group of DLMS User Association was created to look at how the DLMS UA specifications could be applied to support the proliferation of remote sensing and monitoring requirements. 

Whilst the potential for remote monitoring and sensing is infinite, a fully distributed sensing architecture could create issues in fulfilling the legal requirements around metering. The sensing and monitoring parameters outlined in these legislative frameworks need to be taken into consideration. 

By developing use cases and Generic Companion Profiles for DLMS/COSEM application in these cases, DLMS UA can support its members in developing secure, flexible, interoperable and interchangeable sensing and monitoring devices to meet the demands of the new energy and water systems.

logo for HUMS working group


Emilio CONSONNI (Itron)



Highlights key actions

industry focus working groups

logo for Smart Metering working group

Advancing Generic Companion Profiles for Energy & Water metering devices

Logo EV charging station working group

Creating Generic Companion Profiles available for public and residential e-mobility charging stations

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Defining and developing APIs, architectures and Generic Companion Profiles for Edge Gateways