Edge Gateway

The Edge Gateway Working Group of DLMS User Association was created to look at how DLMS UA can help standardize grid edge applications. 

With new applications and business cases evolving due to edge computing, a standardized approach will be required to combine data from multiple sources and share data across various ecosystems from regulated to consumer markets.

DLMS UA aims to support its members by developing use cases, Generic Companion Profiles, and standardized API’s to open the standardized secured data access from third-party edge AI based applications.

logo for Edge Gateway working group


John DOYLE (Itron)



Highlights key actions

industry focus working groups

logo for Smart Metering working group

Advancing Generic Companion Profiles for Energy & Water metering devices

Logo EV charging station working group

Creating Generic Companion Profiles available for public and residential e-mobility charging stations

logo for HUMS working group

Developing Generic Companion Profiles for remote monitoring and sensing devices used in strategic energy and water infrastructures