Public Utility

The Public Utility Advisory Working Group of DLMS User Association is comprised of representatives from Utility Members.

It focuses on addressing the challenges and requirements of public utilities in the development and implementation of DLMS UA standardization activities.

It’s primary responsibility is to validate the roadmaps proposed by DLMS UA Working Groups and ensure alignment with market requirements. It also provides input for new requirements to the Technical Board when necessary.





industry focus working groups

logo for Smart Metering working group

Advancing Generic Companion Profiles for Energy & Water metering devices

Logo EV charging station working group

Creating Generic Companion Profiles available for public and residential e-mobility charging stations

logo for HUMS working group

Developing Generic Companion Profiles for remote monitoring and sensing devices used in strategic energy and water infrastructures

logo for Edge Gateway working group

Defining and developing APIs, architectures and Generic Companion Profiles for Edge Gateways