Smart Metering

The Smart Metering Working Group of DLMS User Association is focused on ensuring interoperability and compatibility of different smart meter systems and promoting the use of standards-based approaches. 

It is tasked with collecting input from its members, translating that input into standardized functionalities, and developing a roadmap for the implementation of those standards.

logo for Smart Metering working group


Pieter COETZEE (Itron)



sub working groups focus

The Smart Metering Working Group has four sub-Working Groups, each focused on a specific market. Each sub-Working Group is responsible for creating standardized functionalites and use cases and developing a roadmap for their implementation into DLMS UA Generic Companion Profiles for their respective market. The development of the Multi-Utility Gateway is managed under the EESM Sub-WG.

Chair: Klemen Belec (Iskraemeco)

Secretary: Karin Trivière

Chair: Tony Field (Itron)

Secretary: Karin Trivière

Chair: Ya Chen (Kaifa)

Secretary: Karin Trivière

Highlights key actions

industry focus working groups

Logo EV charging station working group

Creating Generic Companion Profiles available for public and residential e-mobility charging stations

logo for HUMS working group

Developing Generic Companion Profiles for remote monitoring and sensing devices used in energy and water strategic infrastructures

logo for Edge Gateway working group

Defining and developing APIs, architectures and Generic Companion Profiles for Edge Gateways