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DLMS-COSEM for Battery Powered Devices

Explore DLMS/COSEM’s efficiency through vivid examples illustrating significant data size reduction, tailored for low-power radio technology. Uncover DLMS’s minimal bandwidth requirements and energy-efficient features, rendering it an optimal choice for battery-powered devices. Delve into an industry comparison highlighting DLMS/COSEM’s payload sizes that compete with established standards, reaffirming its adaptability and efficacy in data transmission optimization.

Interoperability and Standardization: a Roadmap for Success

As DSOs strive to optimize their operations, enhance network stability, and adapt to the complexities of the LV grid, the importance of interoperability and standardization has never been more evident.

Addressing the Key Challenges of Residential Electric Vehicle Charging

Find out more about how DLMS UA is addressing the challenges of residential EV charging with its open standard and certification process to ensure interoperability and future-proofing for the EV charging market.

Unlocking the Value of Grid Edge Computing

Learn why a standardized approach is critical in enabling secure grid edge computing and in creating new opportunities to generate additional value and end-user convenience.

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Exploring the Future of Grid Edge Computing

Grid Edge Computing: challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the industry
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Electric Vehicle Smart Charging

Discover how DLMS UA delivers interoperability and security to support different use cases for EV Smart Charging.
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The Business Value of Grid Edge Computing

Hear from industry experts how to increase grid operational efficiency
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coloured books excerpts

The excerpts of the DLMS UA “Coloured Books” are available for download. These excerpts explain the fundamental concepts. The Blue Book outlines the COSEM and OBIS application models, while the Green Book outlines DLMS/COSEM application layer, lower layers and communication profiles.

To implement the DLMS UA specifications, it is necessary to have access to the complete books. DLMS User Association members can access them by logging into the secure myDLMS portal.