Test Tools

DLMS UA develops a series of test tools to complete the DLMS UA Qualification Process and obtain the DLMS UA Product Qualification Certificate for compliance and compatibility. 

These certifications guarantee that certified products are fully compliant with the internationally recognized DLMS UA specifications and any other international standardization bodies having adopted it such as IEC with the IEC62056 Suite or ANSI with their C12 Suite of Standards and are compatible with other certified DLMS UA products.

The DLMS UA Certificate of Compliance certifies compliance against the core DLMS UA specifications (Blue Book and Green Book). This certification serves as a mark of excellence for data exchange interoperability.

The DLMS UA Certificate of Compatibility is issued for one or more DLMS UA Generic Companion Profiles that are released by DLMS UA. The compatibility certification ensures certified devices are plug and play within a specific application, regardless of the device manufacturer.