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Call for Members – DLMS forms new Working Group to look at Remote Sensing Requirements

DLMS has long been considered the gold ‘Standard’ in smart metering application – guaranteeing flexibility, security and interoperability.

But with the increasing global focus on reducing carbon via energy consumption, and the transition to the use of renewables and alternative energy sources, there is a demand for a more flexible and responsive ‘sensing’ capability beyond that delivered by the meter alone. The ‘In Home Display’ is one example of where the current capabilities of Smart Meters is limited, and the use of mobile communication technologies means that the traditional link to the meter for sensors is no longer required.

DLMS User Association members, including industry leaders Honeywell, Iskraemeco, Itron, Landis & Gyr and Semtech, have formed a Working Group to look at how the DLMS Standard could be applied to support the proliferation of remote sensing requirements. Whilst the potential for remote sensing is infinite, a fully distributed sensing architecture could create issues in fulfilling the legal requirements around metering, including ensuring that devices have the capability to track software and firmware updates and upgrades, checking calibration data and other legal parameters, as well as ensuring that their link to the ‘cloud’ is fully secure. By developing use cases and developing generic Companion Profiles for DLMS/COSEM application in these cases the Association can support its members in developing secure, flexible, interoperable and interchangeable sensing devices to meet the demands of the new energy system.

To join the Working Group, and to find out how your organisation could benefit from being involved in this work, please contact: