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Membership in the DLMS User Association

Members of the Association are utilities, meter manufacturers, chip manufacturers, software developers and system integrators who are manufacturing, integrating, installing and using systems and system components for smart metering and related fields.

Membership is open to any legal entity or person supporting the objectives of the Association as stated in the Statutes.

For organizations active in fields related to that of the DLMS UA, Associate membership may be established based on a specific Liaison Agreement.

The operation of the Association is governed by its Statutes.

Why join the DLMS UA?

Membership provides the following benefits and opportunities:

  • be part of the community of developers and users of the leading global standard for smart meter data exchange and related fields;
  • shape the future of the Association;
  • contribute to and influence the development of the specification;
  • get access to the most recent version of the DLMS/COSEM specification;
  • get early access to working documents;
  • exchange information with other members;
  • get access to the certification scheme: buy the Conformance Test Tool and obtain product certification;
  • promote products certified to be DLMS/COSEM compliant.

Membership classes and membership fees

To meet the specific needs of its members, the Association offers three classes of membership with different rights, benefits and obligations:

  • Full Membership;
  • Adopter Membership;
  • Academic Membership.

For Academic membership, eligible entities are educational institutions and small companies with less than 10 full time employees or equivalent.

As of the date of the General Meeting 2017, the following fees apply:

1) Joining fee 2019:

  • for new Full and Adopter members: € 1 000;
  • for new Academic members: € 500.
2) Annual fees 2019:
  • Full member: € 4 000;
  • Adopter member: € 2 500;
  • Academic member: € 1 000.

The annual fee applies per calendar year from 1st of January / date of application to 31st December.

The annual fee is subject to annual revision by resolution of the General Meeting.

For more information see the Charter of Membership Rights and the Charter of Membership Fees.

Membership documents

The relationship between the DLMS User Association and its members is defined by the membership documents, approved at the General Meeting on 5th November 2018:

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