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Hexing electric HXE310-P

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Hexing electric HXE310-P
HXE310-P is a three phase residential meter used in a split prepayment metering system.It complies with STS standard and communicates with CIU by MBUS or PLC or RF for energy consumption monitoring and credit charging.


- STS standard protocol ensures an open and secure operating system
- Optical Communication, Open Protocol: DLMS/COSEM Standard (E Mode)
- Internal switch relay for load demand control by configuration or remote communication
- Prepayment and post-payment mode switchable for users’ convenience

Main Functionalities

- Measurement
• Unidirectional or Bi-directional Measurement
• Record active energy
• Instantaneous value measurement
- 12-month billing data and other frozen data for inquiry
- Prepayment is made via a numeric token with extended ways of recharging
- LCD Display
• Balance display configurable
• Large digit LCD display, easy for reading
• LCD backlights to increase readability in low light conditions(optional)
• Scrolling display configurable for instant information enquiry
• Display readable without main power (RWP)
• 6-month billing data (active energy) displayable
• Clock accuracy (daily deviation): ≤ 0.5s (23℃)
• Day light saving configurable
- Fraud protection function. The relay will be disconnected for fraud protection once detects the cover open and terminal cover open events
- Multiple event detections and records with categories of operation, power grid and tampering
- RS485 Communication with interface in accordance to DLMS standard (optional)
- Emergency Credit for a certain sum of energy supply depending on User’s credit level
- User-friendly mode for energy supply for low credit during weekends or holidays (optional)
- Tampering Proof
• Meter Cover open detection and record
• Meter terminal detection and record
• Bypass (optional)
• Large magnetic event(optional)
- Auxiliary Terminal for Energy Pulse Output(optional)


Cert.No. 1417
Hexing electric HXE310-P
Hexing electric
Date 09.07.2014
Tool version 2.5
Test laboratory
HEXING Electrical Co. Ltd.
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Hexing Electrical Co., Ltd.
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