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Official Kickoff of the Public Utility Advisory Working Group

We are thrilled to announce that the Public Utility Advisory (PUA) Working Group officially commenced its activities last week. This significant milestone marks the beginning of a collaborative effort to address challenges and requirements faced by public utilities globally in the development and implementation of DLMS UA standardization activities.

The PUA Working Group is a dynamic assembly of representatives from utilities spanning the globe. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach to advancing DLMS UA standards. At the core of the PUA Working Group’s mission is the commitment to addressing challenges specific to public utilities. With a keen focus on the development and implementation of DLMS UA standards, the group aims to create a robust framework that caters to the unique needs of utilities worldwide.

The primary responsibility of the PUA Working Group is to validate the roadmaps proposed by UA Working Groups. This involves ensuring alignment with market requirements and guaranteeing that the specifications are both relevant and effective in meeting the diverse needs of public utilities.

For utilities professionals interested in joining the PUA Working Group and contributing to this transformative initiative, please contact Working Group secretary at .