Register FLAG ID

Please select a FLAG ID entering three upper case letters from the ISO basic Latin alphabet (e.g. taken from the name of your company)

Select FLAG ID

Company name & address

Company name and address to be displayed as official company information on the FLAG ID list.



Name and contact details of the main representative of the FLAG ID applicant. In addition to the main representative, an alternative representative and may be nominated.

Personal login data

Credentials to access the 'MyFlag-ID' area. Consists of your email address, password as well as alternative email address that will be used for recovering lost credentials.


FLAG IDs are administered by the DLMS User Association only, in cooperation with the FLAG Association.

FLAG IDs are allocated to companies that:

  • hold membership in the DLMS UA on their own right (member proper);
  • are affiliate members of the DLMS UA;
  • are applying for membership in the DLMS UA;
  • are not members of the DLMS UA.

Applicants to or Members of the DLMS User Association can also manage their FLAG ID as part of their membership process.

Each company is entitled to request the registration of a single FLAG ID. 

Registration of additional FLAG IDs may be requested with suitable justification

NOTE   A special reason for a company to have multiple FLAG IDs is company takeovers / mergers.

All FLAG ID registration requests are subject to approval by DLMS UA.

A FLAG ID, once registered, cannot be removed.

The only exception is the case when a company changes its mind before starting the use of the FLAG ID. This requires a legally binding written declaration from the FLAG ID representative. In this case, the previously registered FLAG ID becomes free and can be registered by another company.

If you have already registered a FLAG ID, but lost your FLAG ID credentials or wish to update your company profile, you can resume your FLAG ID representation.