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DLMS UA White Paper on Security

This DLMS UA White Paper Security provides the reader with an overview of the advanced security concepts and mechanisms of DLMS, the global standardfor smart metering and related IoT applications.

The paper emphasizes the importance of protecting smart metering systems, a critical infrastructure. It continues with presenting the DLMS security concept that provides end-to-end, application-to-application cryptographic protection of DLMS messages and data, independently of the communication media used for transport. The concept is realised by a range of security mechanisms.

To put the subject in context, it continues with a short introduction to DLMS. Then the reasons for p roviding security end-to-end, application-to-application arefurther developed and the various security mechanisms are presented. Methods of achieving efficiency while using security are described with reference to the
DLMS UA Efficiency White Paper. Finally, the security algorithms, security keys and their use are presented.

DLMS uses state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms that form the Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite (CNSA). The fact that the DLMS security algorithms are decoupled from the security suite makes the solution future proof.

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