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1 000+ DLMS/COSEM compliant meter types!

New milestone reached: 1 000 DLMS/COSEM compliant meter types certified

Interoperability is of key importance for the DLMS User Association. The conformance testing scheme is an essential element of our strategy.

The first "DLMS/COSEM compliant" Certification was issued on 20th September 2002, and the 100th on 20th October 2008.

Recently, on 15th August 2018, a new milestone has been reached: the 1 000th meter type has been certified as DLMS/COSEM compliant.

These 1 000 certifications have been issued to more than 150 different manufacturers.

This clearly demonstrates that the DLMS/COSEM standard (IEC 62056, EN 13757) created a large market with a huge supplier base, ensuring the security of investment both for purchasers and suppliers.

DLMS/COSEM certified meters are the cornerstone of interoperable smart metering systems.

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