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DLMS User Association Becomes Registered Member of IEC System Committee Smart Energy

We are thrilled to announce that DLMS User Association has achieved Type R (Registered) Member status within the IEC Smart Energy Systems Committee. DLMS UA’s membership was ratified during the recent IEC System Committee Smart Energy plenary held in Cairo, Egypt.

This recognition represents an important opportunity for DLMS UA to actively contribute to the development of projects within the SyC Smart Energy and provide valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of smart energy. DLMS UA will leverage its expertise in smart metering and its multi-energy vision to support SyC Smart Energy. Given the rapid advancements in smart grids, electric vehicles, smart homes and factories, the importance of standards has expanded to other ecosystems. A comprehensive, system-wide approach has become more essential than ever, with smart meters at the heart of this evolution.

In this new active role within IEC Syc Smart Energy, DLMS UA will assume a pivotal role in defining the future of smart energy systems and will collaborate with IEC and international experts addressing the critical issue of digital and low carbon energy transition. DLMS UA’s membership enables active participation in discussions on visionary concepts, market trends, high-level requirements, and roadmaps. Furthermore, this membership provides an ideal environment for incubating new ideas for standards developments that DLMS UA members are currently envisioning.

Sergio Lazzarotto, President and Executive Director of DLMS UA, has been designated as the formal representative and will join a select group of experts contributing to IEC’s overarching vision. His role involves advocating our unique insights and perspectives to facilitate collaboration and drive innovation in the smart energy sector in partnership with IEC.

We look forward to this exciting journey ahead and the opportunities it brings to strengthen the smart energy landscape.