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DLMS UA Launches the First DLMS Generic Companion Profiles

DLMS UA is proud to announce the release of the very first DLMS Generic Companion Profiles (GCPs), a significant milestone in advancing interoperability and standardization within the energy and water sectors. The Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) GCP and the Metrologically Relevant Remote Display (RDI) GCP are now available, marking a pivotal moment in facilitating seamless data exchange among devices.

Designed in alignment with the DLMS UA Core Specifications, the EVCS GCP and RDI GCP ensure unparalleled interoperability, catering to diverse use cases and facilitating compatibility across devices, regardless of architecture, communication protocols or device manufacturer. These profiles represent a significant milestone in enabling secure and flexible data exchange, underscoring DLMS UA’s dedication to meeting evolving technological and industry demands.

The launch of these foundational GCPs signals DLMS UA’s commitment to developing standardized solutions for the energy and water sectors, transcending geographical and utility-specific boundaries. With DLMS GCPs, stakeholders can embrace innovation with confidence, knowing they have access to a robust and adaptable framework that meets the evolving needs of the industry.¬†These profiles not only streamline data exchange but also pave the way for future advancements in technology and industry practices.

For more information and to purchase the EVCS and RDI GCPs, visit the GCP webpage.