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DLMS UA Expands Reach with Introduction of Generic Companion Profile Specifications Licensing to Non-Members

DLMS User Association (DLMS UA), a leading authority in energy metering standards, is pleased to announce the launch of a groundbreaking new service aimed at enhancing market compliance and compatibility within the energy and utilities domain. Effective immediately, DLMS UA is extending the opportunity for non-members to purchase DLMS UA Generic Companion Profile (GCP) specifications, marking a strategic evolution in DLMS UA’s approach toward standardization.

Recognized for its unwavering commitment to innovation and global standardization efforts, DLMS UA’s latest initiative aims to enhance standardization by maximizing interoperability and compatibility within the smart metering ecosystem and streamline integration across diverse industry sectors. By extending specification licensing to non-members for a fee, DLMS UA is poised to accelerate the adoption of the DLMS standard on a global scale.

“This initiative underscores our dedication to promoting collaboration and advancing industry standards, with the aim of enhancing global standardization efforts” said Sergio Lazzarotto, President & Executive Director at DLMS UA. “By expanding licensing opportunities beyond our membership base, we anticipate a significant increase in the utilization of DLMS specifications across diverse applications worldwide.”

DLMS UA’s inclusive approach not only promotes widespread adoption but also contributes to broader global standardization efforts within the energy and utilities domain. This strategic move aligns with DLMS UA’s core values of driving innovation, promoting collaboration, and ensuring interoperability within the industry.

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