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DLMS UA and G3-Alliance Simplify Interoperability for DSOs

In today’s dynamic energy landscape, interoperability is paramount for Distribution System Operators (DSOs) seeking efficient and reliable operations.

DLMS UA, in partnership with the G3-Alliance, has taken a significant step forward in this regard by introducing DLMS certification for compliance and compatibility over G3-PLC/G3-Hybrid Golden Communication Devices.

G3 Golden Devices: G3-PLC and G3-Hybrid Test Bench

The introduction of G3 ‘Golden Communication Devices’ is an important milestone in ensuring DLMS UA compliance and compatibility certification over G3-PLC and G3-Hybrid.

These devices, accredited jointly by the G3-Alliance and DLMS UA and supplied by Renesas Electronics as official the DLMS test tool supplier, provide DLMS UA members with a well-defined test bench configuration for G3 communication. This configuration allows for thorough testing of DLMS UA specifications over the native communication technology, ensuring that devices meet the stringent DLMS standards.

DLMS Generic Companion Profiles: Fostering interoperability

DLMS UA, a leading authority in utility data exchange protocols, is heading an interoperability initiative with the development of ‘Generic Companion Profiles’. These profiles are meticulous selections of features and functionalities within the DLMS UA core specifications, tailored to meet the unique requirements of various use cases.

The aim of these Generic Companion Profiles is to guarantee unparalleled interoperability and compatibility among implementing devices, while also offering remarkable scalability.

By adhering to these profiles, utilities and device implementers can ensure seamless integration and enhanced functionality. These standardised guidelines bridge the gap between devices from different manufacturers, enabling them to communicate and function uniformly, regardless of their origin.

The first DLMS UA Generic Companion Profile to be launched will be tailored for electricity smart metering and will encompass a comprehensive range of smart metering and smart grid use cases and functionalities.

The DLMS certification for compliance and compatibility will replace the IDIS Package 3 certification following the merger of these two organisations in 2021.


In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between G3-Alliance and DLMS UA in the development and certification of these Golden Devices represent a significant milestone in the field of interoperability.

This achievement holds the potential to elevate DLMS UA’s certification programme to the highest level, resulting in a new era of opportunities for DSOs. With the capability to seamlessly integrate devices from diverse manufacturers, DSOs can anticipate a reduction in supply chain risk and a significant decrease in the threat of being locked into a single vendor.

This partnership has not only opened the door to improved communication and collaboration within the industry but has also laid the foundation for a more efficient and dependable energy infrastructure, benefiting both providers and consumers.