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DLMS/COSEM conformance certification scheme

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Correct implementation of the DLMS/COSEM specification is an important prerequisite of achieving interoperability.

To this end, the DLMS User Association provides a conformance certification scheme for DLMS/COSEM servers.

NOTE Conformance testing for DLMS/COSEM clients is currently not available from the DLMS UA.

The DLMS UA reserves the exclusive right to issue Certifications that entitle manufacturers to place the “DLMS/COSEM compliant” logo on their products.

The purpose of the DLMS/COSEM conformance certification scheme is to validate that the Implementation Under Test (IUT) correctly implements the features selected from the features available in the DLMS/COSEM specification.

It is not the objective to ascertain that all the features required for a given application – generally specified in project specific Companion Specifications – are present in the IUT.

The DLMS/COSEM conformance certification scheme is available for all Adopter or Full Members of the DLMS User Association, meaning that:

- any Adopter Member or Full Member can purchase licences for the CTT. The licences can be used by the member and its Affiliates registered with the DLMS UA. See also Licensing the CTT;

- any licence owner can perform tests on products manufactured by Adopter Members or Full Members and their Affiliates. See also Self-testing and third party (TP) testing;

- any Adopter Member or Full Member and its Affiliates can obtain “DLMS/COSEM Compliant” Certification for their products.

NOTE For meaning of Affiliates, see Article 8 of the DLMS UA Full / Adopter Membership Agreement.

For a detailed description of the use of the CTT and for the Conformance Test Plans please refer to the Yellow Book.