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    Welcome to The DLMS Certification Platform.

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    Welcome to The DLMS Certification Platform.

How do I certify my product?

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    Step 1 - Become a DLMS UA Member
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    Step 2 - Determine Test Tool
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    Step 3 - Determine Golden Devices
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    Step 4 - Complete Testing
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    Step 5 - Obtain Certification

Successfully completing the DLMS UA Certification Process means that your device has guaranteed compatibility with the DLMS UA Standard, the globally accepted standard language that ensures interoperability, efficiency and security.  All DLMS UA Certified Products can bear the Certification mark.

The first step in obtaining the DLMS UA Certification is to become a member of the DLMS UA. Only “Members in Good Standing” can complete the Qualification Process. Find out more about DLMS UA membership here.

Members must use a DLMS UA Test Tool (TT) for the Certification of Compliance process. Members should first choose the type of test tool  to use – Compliance Test Tool (CTT) or Development Test Tool (DTT). 

Once the Member has determined the type of test tool required, they can then choose to buy a Software-as-a-Service license (annual subscription), a perpetual license (a one-off fee) or sub-license the TT from an existing DLMS UA Member in Good Standing to whom tests have been subcontracted. Click here for details on how to purchase or download the tool and see the pricing and licensing conditions. 

While Members must purchase or license the DLMS Test Tool for the Certification of Compliance, to achieve the Certification of Compatibility, tests needs to be performed by a DLMS UA Accredited Test Laboratory. The Accredited Test Laboratory Click is responsible for the test tool in this case.

Members are required to test products against the communication protocol that is to be supported in the specific DLMS profile to ensure that the product under certification is compliant in its declared communication environment. 

Depending on the wireless technology (transport layer) and network layer protocol deployed within the device, the DLMS UA provides members with a test environment for Certification of Compliance or Certification of Compatibility that ensures that the product is tested within the declared communication environment. 

Accredited testing devices or "Golden Devices" and appropriate firmware specific to each communication protocol must be used during the Certification Process. A list of accredited testing devices and how to purchase them can be found here.

For Certification of Compliance, once the Test Tool and the Golden Devices have been licensed or purchased, our Test Tool distributor, EuroDCS, will provide the license keys to proceed with the TT installation. The TT is licensed with full documentation and instructions on how to install and run it. Members will provide self-test results via the online platform. 

For Certification of Compatibility, the Accredited Test Laboratory will perform the necessary tests and submit the results directly to DLMS. 

The Yellow Book is the reference document describing the entire DLMS UA Qualification Process and testing procedures for Certification of Compliance and Certification of Compatibility and provides all the necessary information on how to proceed with the DLMS UA Qualification Program application.

Members should then submit the test files via the DLMS UA Qualification Portal to complete the application for Certification of Compliance. The Accredited Test Laboratory will submit the test files for Certification of Compatibility.  

Once the test files have been submitted, the DLMS UA will issue an invoice and on receipt of its payment, the application and test files will be verified. If successful, the test report will be validated, and the Certificate of Compatibility or Compliance will be issued. The member can then use the DLMS UA Certification trademark on the certified product.

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