Accredited Testing Equipment

DLMS UA Golden Devices

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The DLMS UA Certification of Compatibility and Certification of Compliance guarantee that certified products are fully compliant with the internationally recognized DLMS/COSEM Specifications, and any other International Standardization bodies having adopted these specifications, such as IEC with the IEC62056 or ANSI with their C12 Suite of Standards, and are compatible with other certified DLMS products.  

All certified devices are required to demonstrate the ability to connect and function under their declared normal environment particularly if this communication environment is wireless. 

In order to prove devices can perform in their specific communication environment, supported by the specific DLMS/COSEM Specifications communication interface profile, the DLMS UA has introduced accredited testing devices, also known as "Golden Devices" for testing purposes.

Accredited Testing Equipment

The table below outlines the different communication hardware, firmware and software components included in each Golden Device package. You should select the Golden Device profile required from the list below and use the links provided to procure the DLMS approved components. You will be directed to the specific page for the Golden Device profile component of interest.

Members must be aware that only these components will work with the Test Tools.

Communication Golden Devices

Golden Device Generic Profile






Order Link

Wi-Sun FAN-Renesas


Hardware Items

Border Router - Tessera Sub Ghz evaluation board

MB-RX604S-02 (RX651)

From €325


Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 3 OR Raspberry Pi 4

From €38-€70


Software Items

Renesas Flash Programmer (RFP)

Wi-Sun Fan Renesas Version 1.0 .zip



Firmware Items

Wi-Sun Fan Firmware

Raspberry &



Compatibility Golden Devices

A range of hardware, firmware and software components will be available to accredited laboratories for compatibility testing. Accredited Laboratories must use these components for compatibility testing that include but are not limited to electricity, water, gas and heat meters, software applications, HUMS applications and EV chargers…More compatibility golden devices will be added as new Generic Companion Profiles are released.

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