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IEEE Article: DLMS case study in Korea

Case Studies for Analyzing DLMS/COSEM-Based Smart Meter Vulnerabilities in Korea

Smart meters are at high risk to be an attack target or to be used as an attacking means of malicious users because they are placed at the closest location to users in the smart gridbased infrastructure. At present, Korea is proceeding with ’Smart Grid Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Construction Project’, and has selected Device Language Message Specification/ COmpanion Specification for Energy Metering (DLMS/COSEM) protocol for the smart meter communication. However, the current situation is that the vulnerability analysis technique is still insufficient to be applied to DLMS/COSEM-based smart meters. Therefore, we propose a new fuzzing architecture for analyzing vulnerabilities which is applicable to actual DLMS/COSEM-based smart meter devices. In addition, this paper presents significant case studies for verifying proposed fuzzing architecture through conducting the vulnerability analysis of the experimental results from real DLMS/COSEM-based smart meter devices used in Korea SmartGrid Testbed.

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