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DLMS User Association and CIG Announce Liaison Agreement

Today, DLMS User Association (UA), a leading voice internationally in interoperable and secure data exchange for strategic energy and water management, announced it has signed a liaison agreement with Comitato Italiano Gas (CIG) to accelerate the adoption of open standards in the gas sector in Italy.

The energy transition and the proliferation of new technologies is forcing the gas industry to look for new ways to collaborate and deliver interoperable solutions. Both the DLMS User Association and CIG are committed to developing and deploying secure and interoperable solutions that will drive innovation and increase efficiencies.

This liaison agreement establishes a framework for cooperation and information exchange between the two organizations. Both organizations are working to harmonize technical standards to ensure the deployment of secure and reliable products and systems. Ultimately, the liaison agreement aims to facilitate dialogue and cooperation in harmonizing standardization in specific areas of mutual interest.

“This liaison agreement highlights the commitment of CIG and DLMS UA to develop and deploy open standards” said Stefano Cagnoli, Executive Director, CIG Comitato Italiano Gas.

“This liaison is a great example of our efforts to establish effective partnerships with national standardization bodies to foster collaboration and strengthen relationships amongst leading technical experts in the standardization field” said Sergio Lazzarotto, President & Executive Director, DLMS User Association.

About CIG

CIG is a non-profit association dealing with the safety of combustible gas. CIG, as a federated body to UNI, is part of the Italian Standardisation system. CIG participates to the works within its competences, taking place in the relevant European Standardization bodies (CEN) and international ones (ISO), representing Italy; CIG appoints its experts and delegates, through the UNI representative, for the various technical committees and working groups; it also casts its votes on the draft standards circulated at CEN and ISO level. CIG has a memorandum of collaboration with Italian National Regulatory Authority (ARERA).

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