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DLMS UA Redefines Industry Compatibility with the Introduction of Generic Companion Profiles

DLMS UA is thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated launch of DLMS Generic Companion Profiles (GCPs). These profiles represent a pivotal leap forward in ensuring seamless compatibility among a diverse range of implementing devices, effectively addressing the ever-evolving needs of energy and water sectors.

GCPs are standardized solutions, built upon the well-established DLMS specifications and validated through a dedicated DLMS UA certification program. They provide seamless data exchange between specific devices, such as smart meters, remote displays, and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. They are agnostic to hardware devices, communication technologies, cloud solutions, and consumer data exchange protocols. This agnosticism ensures both flexibility and security in data transmission, allowing for enhanced compatibility.

The launch of three foundational GCPs covering electricity smart metering, remote displays, and EV charging stations marks just the initial phase. DLMS UA is actively developing additional GCPs for gas and water metering and grid edge computing, demonstrating a commitment to evolving technologies and meeting diverse industry requirements.

Beyond setting a new standard for interoperability, DLMS GCPs offer cost-effective and scalable solutions tailored for smart meters, metrologically relevant remote displays and EV charging devices. These profiles deliver tangible benefits to manufacturers, reducing both their time to market and development costs. This allows them to channel their efforts towards innovation and efficiency, unburdened by the challenges of troubleshooting and compatibility issues.

For Distribution System Operators (DSOs), the simplified supply chain facilitated by device exchangeability not only streamlines operations but also paves the way for a seamless transition into intelligent energy management. This operational efficiency translates into enhanced services for end consumers, providing them with detailed energy consumption data and the promise of future innovative services.

DLMS UA’s goal in introducing these GCPs is to transcend single-country or Distribution System Operator-specific applications, providing a standardized solution. Their agnosticism and flexibility to adapt to hardware devices, communications technology, cloud solutions, and consumer data exchange protocols sets them apart. This adaptability is reinforced by their foundation on DLMS specifications and rigorous certification processes.

DLMS UA President & Executive Director, Sergio Lazzarotto, expressed his excitement, saying, “The launch of DLMS Generic Companion Profiles marks a significant milestone in our journey towards a more interconnected and efficient energy landscape. These profiles are a testament to our commitment to innovation and standardization, offering a new era of compatibility for our diverse stakeholders.”