How do I Buy or License the Test Tool?

There are three ways for Members of the DLMS UA to use the test tool.

Purchase a "Software-as-a-Service" Subscription License

The first and most advantageous way of using the test tool is to opt for a subscription-based license of the test tool via a ‘Software-as-as-Service’ agreement. This is the solution that the DLMS UA recommends to its members as it offers an ‘All Inclusive’ version of the test tool. Members purchase a license via an annual ‘subscription’ fee, that gives ongoing access to all upgrades and updates and ensures that the Member automatically has access to the latest version of the test tool as soon as it is available. Free email support is also included as part of this license model. All new members must first purchase a perpetual license before upgrading to the SaaS model.

Purchase a Perpetual License

The second option to use the test tool is to purchase a perpetual license. Purchasing a perpetual license can be an expensive option, particularly if Members envision certifying several products or product versions. To avoid purchasing additional updates and upgrades, we highly recommend Members to opt for the subscription-based license.

License the Test Tool via Another Member in Good Standing

The final option to access the test tool is to sub-license the use of the test tool from a DLMS UA Member that has already purchased the tool and has the right to sub-license the test tool. The test tool can be accessed via a one-off, 30-day sub-license fee of €3’000, payable by the licensee to EuroDCS, in addition to the costs for the Certification process that are payable at the point at which the Applicant submits the test file using the sublicensing right given to the Test Tool licensee.

The testing tools can be used to complete the Certification Process and are available via the different licensing methods via our Partner EuroDCS who is responsible for the distribution of both the CTT and the DTT licenses. Each license can be registered on three devices, and you will need to download the software available via

The current version for the test tool to be used for compliance testing is CTT/DTT4.2. This new version replaces the CTT/DTT 4.1 and supports new testing features published in the Blue Book 14 and Green Book 10. The current version for the test tools to be used for compatability testing is the iDTT3.0.  


Invoiced price

SaaS Subscription License

CTT All-Inclusive Annual License

6'000 per annum

DTT All-Inclusive Annual License
(Only available to owners of a valid CTT/DTT annual license)

12’000 per annum

iDTT All-inclusive Annual License
(Only available to owners of a valid CTT/DTT annual license)


Contact DLMS UA

Perpetual License



CTT License (updates not included)


DTT License (updates not included)


CTT Updates within the same CTT Version

6’000 per update

DTT Updates within the same DTT Version

12'000 per update

CTT Upgrade to a new version


DTT Upgrade to a new version


Sub-License Fee via Member in Good Standing

License fee via Member in Good Standing